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Self Represented (Pro Se) Appellate Handbook


The Florida Bar Appellate Practice Section Officers

Dorothy F. Easley, Chair
Raoul Cantero, III, Chair-Elect
Matt Conigliaro, Vice Chair
Jack R. Reiter, Secretary/Treasurer
Siobhan Helene Shea, Immediate Past Chair

Valerie Yarborough, Section Liaison

The Pro Se [Self-Represented] Appellate Handbook© Committee

Kimberly Jones, Chair
Wendy S. Loquasto, Vice Chair

Co-Editors (in alphabetical order)

Caryn L. Bellus, Dorothy F. Easley, Susan W. Fox, Siobhan Helene Shea

Committee Liaisons

Thomas D. Hall, Clerk of the Supreme Court of Florida, Liaison to the Courts and to The Florida Bar
Harvey J. Sepler, Liaison to The Florida Bar Foundation

(chapter contributors and/or assistant editors, in alphabetical order)

Ceci C. Berman
Allison Bernstein
Yasir Billoo
Steven L. Brannock
David M. Caldevilla
Tracy Carlin
Beth Coleman
Honorable Marguerite Davis,
  First District Court of Appeal
Carlos Gonzalez
Barbara Green
Jeff Gillen
Valeria Hendricks
Maria Kayanan
Honorable Patricia Kelly,
  Second District Court of Appeal
Bianca Liston
Roberta Mandel
John Mills
Kristin Norse
Honorable Kathryn Pecko,
  DOAH Compensation Claims
Sara Prugh
Jack R. Reiter
Pury L. Santiago
Craig Trocino
Marianne Trussell
Robert Sturgess
Jennifer Winegardner
Katherine Yanes


Current through March, 2009
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