The “Pro Se” or “Self-Represented Litigant” Handbook is a very basic guide to assist someone unable to hire an attorney to advance or defend an appellate matter. It is not a substitute for reading and understanding all of the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure, which apply to all types of appeals and extraordinary writs. The Handbook is not a comprehensive appellate guide, and it does not answer all questions or guarantee success. It is also not intended to advise individuals in the unlicensed practice of law. It should not be cited to as authority. This Handbook is not to be used to provide legal advice to other people, nor would attorneys who are not experienced in appellate practice do well in relying on this Handbook.  It is always a work in progress and is not all-inclusive.

Representing Yourself on Appeal is prepared by individual members of
The Florida Bar Appellate Practice Section, as a public service.

Before proceeding, a pro se party should contact their local bar association and/or The Florida Bar and ask whether they have or know of any “pro bono” programs that may help a pro se party obtain legal representation in an appeal without having to pay an appellate attorney.  If there is no “pro bono” program in place in the area, hiring an appellate attorney may save the otherwise pro se party money in the long run.

This Handbook is not intended to be a substitute for advice by
an experienced Appellate lawyer on how to handle an Appellate matter.

Please CLICK HERE to read the full Pro Se Appellate Handbook Disclaimer before proceeding.

Representing Yourself on Appeal Handbook – English PDF (2016 edition)

We are pleased to offer the Handbook in these additional forms and languages, each of which is printer friendly:

Florida Rules of Appellate Practice updated in 2019